Library of Parliament


LS-327E Bill C-53:  An Act to increase the availability of financing for the Establishment, Expansion, Modernization and Improvement of small businesses (30 November 1998)
LS-329E Bill C-59:  An Act to amend the Insurance Companies Act - The Issues [Notes] (2 December 1998)
LS-389E Bill S-11: An Act to amend the Canada Business Corporations Act and the Canada Cooperatives Act and to amend other Acts in consequence (11 June 2001)
LS-416E      Bill C-41:  An Act to amend the Canadian Commercial Corporation Act (19 November 2001)
PRB 00-07E Option Contracts:  A Primer (20 July 2000)
PRB 00-16E Financial Holding Companies:  Bill C-8 and New Options for Financial Conglomerates (12 October 2000)
PRB 01-26E Treatment of Student Loans under Canadian Bankruptcy Law (18 March 2002)
PRB 01-34E    Protecting Employee Wages in Bankruptcy (6 March 2002)
PRB 02-42E    The U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002: Reforming Corporate Governance And Disclosure (4 November 2002)
PRB 99-31E Canada Business Corporation Act: Directors’ Residency Requirements and other Residency Issues (7 December 1999)
PRB 99-32E Canada Business Corporation Act: Unanimous Shareholder Agreements (20 January 2000)
PRB 99-33E Canada Business Corporation Act: Shareholder Communications (18 January 2000)
PRB 99-40E Take-Over Bids (25 January 2000)
PRB 99-41E Financial Assistance under the Canada Business Corporation Act (26 January 2000)
PRB 99-44E Directors' Liability (29 February 2000)
BP-312E Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation: Deposit Protection in Canada (October 1992)