Library of Parliament


88-16E Bankruptcy Law Update (18 May 1999)
LS-309E Bill C-20: An Act to amend the Competition Act and to make consequential and related amendments to other Acts (9 March 1999)
MR-105E Credit Card Innovation: Low-Interest Cards (27 January 1993)
91-3E Mergers and Abuse of Dominant Position: Legal Aspects (10 September 1998)
PRB 00-12E Facilitating Electronic Commerce Through The Development Of Laws To Recognize Electronic Documents And Transactions (20 November 2000)
PRB 00-18E Consumer Protection And Electronic Commerce (10 October 2000)
PRB 01-32E Registered Retirement Savings Plans (Rrsps) And Bankruptcy (21 March 2002)
PRB 02-22E Bill C-249: An Act To Amend The Competition Act (15 November 2002)
PRB 02-28E Federal Exemptions In Bankruptcy (23 October 2002)
PRB 02-38E Protecting Unpaid Suppliersin A Bankruptcy (6 January 2003)
PRB 99-35E Newspaper Ownership In Canada: An Overview Of The Davey Committee And Kent Commission Studies (17 December 1999)