Library of Parliament


93-3E The Arts in Canada's Cultural Policy (15 October 1999)
BP-396E Cable Specialty Services: The Consumer Protest of Early 1995 (January 1995)
LS-308E Bill C-17: An Act to amend the Telecommunications Act and the Teleglobe Canada Reorganization and Divestiture Act (14 November 1997)
BP-427E Canadian Competitiveness in Telecommunications and Broadcast Distribution (November 1996)
93-6E Canadian Multiculturalism (15 February 1999)
BP-277E Culture and Communications: The Constitutional Setting (September 1991)
BP-432E The Deregulatory Framework for Telecommunications and Broadcast Distribution (November 1996)
BP-420E The Information Highway: The Convergence of Telecommunications, Broadcast Distribution and Microprocessing (June 1996)
BP-421E The Information Revolution and International Telecommunications (July 1996)
BP-385E Information Superhighway (March 1994)
BP-397E Information Technology: The Integration of Government Services (February 1995)
BP-453E Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Context of Economic Integration of the Americas (August 1997)
BP-430E Telecommunications and Canadian Industrial Policy (November 1996)
LS-439E Bill C-12: An Act To Promotephysical Activity And Sport (10 October 2002)