Library of Parliament


PRB 0207E The Joint Strike Fighter Project (19 February 2003)
87-13E Arms Control and Disarmament (15 February 1999)
LS-311E Bill C-25: An Act to amend the National Defence Act (25 November 1998)
BP-343E The Communications Security Establishment: Canada's Most Secret Intelligence Agency (September 1993)
MR-114E Cruise Missile Testing in Canada: The Post-Cold War Debate (21 January 1994)
MR-112E Defence Policy Review (4 February 1994)
BP-303E International Conflicts: Parliament, The National Defence Act, and the Decision to Participate (August 1992)
MR-134E Missile Defence and the Renewal of the NORAD Agreement (16 April 1996)
BP-461E Military Plutonium Disposal and the MOX Fuel Option (April 1998)
96-1E National Defence Act: Reform of the Military Justice System (22 January 1997)
94-3E Replacement of Shipborne and Rescue Helicopters (19 October 1998)
MR-138E The Reserve Force of the Canadian Forces: Restructuring Process (10 May 1996)
MR-61E The Security Intelligence Review Committee: Complaint Procedure (15 August 1990)