Library of Parliament


LS-333E Bill C-65:  An Act to amend the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (5 February 1999)
BP-381E The Canada Health and Social Transfer: Funding Formula and Changes in Transfers (July 1997)
PRB 02-35E Canada's Fiscal (Im)balance: Both Sides of the Argument
(24 October 2002 )
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95-2E The Canada Health and Social Transfer: Operation and Possible Repercussions on the Health Care Sector (24 January 2001)
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BP-408E Distinct Society: Origins, Interpretations, Implications (December 1995)
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93-10E Federal-Provincial Relations (1 May 2001)
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BP-276E Municipalities, the Constitution and the Canadian Federal System (February 2001 )
BP-379E National Standards and Social Programs: What the Federal Government Can Do (September 1997)
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