Library of Parliament


79-16E Aid to Developing Countries (17 September 1997)
BP-374E Bosnia-Hercegovina: The International Response (January 1994)
BP-384E Chiapas and After: The Mexican Crisis and Implications for Canada (February 1994)
BP-347E Developed and Developing Countries: Promoting Equitable Development (July 1993)
BP-435E Drugs and Drug Trafficking (November 1996)
BP-320E Feeding the World's Hungry: Agriculture as the Vital Link (November 1992)
BP-451E Hemispheric Affairs in Transition: Developing Canadian Roles (September 1997)
BP-416E Human Rights, Global Markets: Some Issues and Challenges for Canadian Foreign Policy (April 1996)
BP-457E Human Rights in the Context of Economic Integration of the Americas (July 1997)
BP-398E International Humanitarian Responses to Crises and Conflicts: Current Challenges (January 1995)
MR-141E Land Mines (Revised 25 September 2003)
BP-322E The Law of the Sea Convention (February 1993)
BP-346E Sanctions: The Economic Weapon in the New World Order (January 1996)