Library of Parliament


LS-449E Bill S-13:  An Act To Amendthe Statistics Act (Census Records) (20 February 2003)
LS-321E Bill C-43:  An Act to establish the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and to amend and repeal other Acts as a consequence (26 November 1998)
LS-295E Bill S-3: An Act to amend the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Act (17 October 1997)
PRB 98-7E Federal Public Service Renewal - The La Relève Initiative (November 1998)
91-2E Fiscal Policy in Canada: The Changing Role of the Federal and Provincial Governments (27 March 2000)
BP-358E Fiscal Rules for the Control of Government (November 1993)
BP-369E Government Expenditures: Review Process (July 1993)
BP-297E The Management of Public Finances in Canada (January 1998)
BP-375E Reorganizing Government: New Approaches to Public Service Reform (January 1994)
BP-376E Reorganizing Government: The Reform Debate in Perspective (January 1994)
84-7E When Do Acts Come into Force? [Mini-Review] (8 July 1990)