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PRB 02-45E Rural Canada: Access To Health Care (1 December 2002)
PRB 02-29E Home Care Sector In Canada: Economic Problems (10 October 2002)
LS-432E Bill C-9: An Act To Amend The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (12 February 2003)
PRB 02-51E Not Just The Fta: Factors Affecting Growth In Canada-United States Trade Since 1988 (4 March 2003)
PRB 02-32E Home Care In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta And British Columbia: Structure And Expenditures (9 October 2002)
PRB 02-30E Home Care In The Atlantic Provinces: Structure And Expenditures (2 October 2002)
89-10E Abortion: Constitutional and Legal Developments (18 August 1998)
93-5E AIDS: Medical and Scientific Aspects (18 December 2001)
BP-335E Alzheimer's Disease (May 1993)
LS-305E Bill C-14: The Drinking Water Materials Safety Act (6 November 1997)
BP-409E Bioethics, Medical Technologies and the Health of Canadians: Some Policy Considerations (January 1996)
MR-117E Breast Cancer: National Forum, November 1993 (6 January 1994)
PRB 02-40E Food Safety: An Overview Of Canada's Approach (16 October 2002)
PRB 98-3E The Canada Health and Social Transfer (September 1998)
BP-381E The Canada Health and Social Transfer: Funding Formula and Changes in Transfers (July 1997)
95-2E The Canada Health and Social Transfer: Operation and Possible Repercussions on the Health Care Sector (24 January 2001)
94-4E The Canada Health Act: Overview and Options (24 January 2001)
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PRB 98-4E The Effects of Smog on the Health of Canadians (October 1998)
BP-392E Environmental Health: Risks Posed by PCBs (November 1994)
BP-264E Established Programs Financing for Health Care (August 1991)
BP-340E Health Care Financing: User Participation (July 1993)
BP-350E The Health Care System in Canada: Effectiveness and Efficiency (October 1993)
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93-4E Health Policy in Canada (4 December 2002)
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MR-142E Provincial and Private Drug Insurance Plans in Canada (20 June 1996)
BP-438E Public and Private Sector Involvement in Health Care Systems: An International Comparison (February 2001)
94-2E Substance Abuse and Public Policy (23 January 2001)
LS-434E Bill C-13:  Assisted Human Reproduction Act (23 January 2003)