Library of Parliament


LS-450E Bill C-25: The Public Service Modernization Act (13 March 2003)
LS-443E Bill C-15: An Act To Amend The Lobbyists Registration Act (Revised 19 March 2003)
LS-304E Bill C-13: An Act to amend the Parliament of Canada Act (Composition of the Board of Internal Economy) (31 October 1997)
LS-318E Bill S-15: The Royal Assent Act (20 January 1999)
BP-362E Conflict of Interest: Selected Issues (October 1998)
79-3E Conflict of Interest Rules for Federal Legislators (23 October 2000)
MR-126E Criminal Charges and Parliamentarians (14 August 1996)
BP-456E Democracy, Economic Integration and Parliaments (July 1997)
BP-334E Electoral Systems (May 1993)
82-15E House of Commons Procedure: Its Reform (21 February 2002)
BP-151E The Legislative Process (April 1989)
BP-56E Members of the House of Commons: Their Role (June 1997)
BP-241E Oaths of Allegiance and the Canadian House of Commons (October 1990)
BP-47E The Opposition in a Parliamentary System (December 1988)
BP-243E Political Parties and Parliamentary Recognition (August 1996)
BP-371E Public Opinion Polling in Canada (January 1994)
BP-244E The Senate: Appointments under Section 26 of the Constitution Act 1867 (September 1990)
BP-361E Senate Committees: Role and Effectiveness (June 1994)
BP-316E Senate Reform Proposals in Comparative Perspective (November 1992)
BP-242E Television and the House of Commons (December 1998)