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PRB 02-48E Marine Transportation Containers And Trade (24 October 2002)
PRB 02-49E Stages of Economic Integration: From Autarky to Economic Union (13 February 2003)
PRB 02-54E The North American Free Trade Agreement: Chapter 11 (26 February 2003)
LS-315E The North American Free Trade Agreement: Chapter 11
LS-315E Bill C-35: An Act to amend the Special Import Measures Act and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act (15 April 1998)
LS-323E Bill C-55:  An Act respecting advertising services supplied by foreign periodical publishers (28 January 1999)
86-10E Balance of Payments (19 July 1999)
BP-275E Economic Union: A Comparison of Canadian Government Proposals and the Plans of the European Community (October 1991)
BP-372E Free Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean (January 1994)
BP-247E Free Trade in North America: The Maquiladora Factor (December 1990)
BP-387E GATT 1993 and the Future Agenda (August 1994)
PRB 98-2E The Grain Industry in Canada (September 1998)
BP-452E The Hemispheric Free Trade Process (September 1997)
BP-416E Human Rights, Global Markets: Some Issues and Challenges for Canadian Foreign Policy (April 1996)
PRB 98-5E Importation of Butteroil/Sugar Blends (October 1998)
BP-444E The Multilateral Agreement on Investment: Rationale, Outline and Issues (September 1997)
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BP-331E NAFTA: Resolving Conflicts between Treaty Provisions and Domestic Law (February 1993)
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BP-380E Reduction of Tariffs on Supply Managed Commodities Under the GATT and the NAFTA (February 1994)
BP-424E The Special Import Measures Act - An Overview (August 1996)
PRB 02-13E The Special Import Measures Act - An Overview (9 January 2003)