MARC 21 Format for Authority Data: SN3-40/4-1999E

The MARC 21 Format for Authority Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation, defines the codes and conventions (tags, indicators, subfield codes, and coded values that identify the data elements in MARC authority records). This document is intended for the use of personnel involved in the design and maintenance of systems for communication and processing of bibliographic records.

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Department/Agency National Library of Canada
Title MARC 21 Format for Authority Data
Publication Type Monograph
Language [English]
Other Language Editions Other Language Editions: [French]
Format Paper
Date 1999
Binding Loose-leaf
Dimensions 28cm x 22cm
ISBN 0-660-17949-0
Catalogue Number SN3-40/4-1999E
Weekly Checklist Number 00-30
Subject Terms Subject Terms: Bibliographic data interchange