Cultural Intelligence and Leadership: D2-238/2-2009E

An Introduction for Canadian Forces Leaders

A key resource for the professional development of all military leaders as well as a valuable tool for generating dialogue and further development of multicultural and “whole government” capacity across the CF.

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Department/Agency National Defence
Title Cultural Intelligence and Leadership
Subtitle An Introduction for Canadian Forces Leaders
Publication Type Monograph
Language [English]
Other Language Editions Other Language Editions: [French]
Format Paper
Other Formats Other Formats: Electronic-[English]
Price Free
Availability Publication listed for reference purposes only
Distribution Source National Defence
Canadian Defence Academy Headquarters
Canadian Forces Leadership Institute
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario, K7K 7B4
Telephone: 613-541-5010, extension. 6976
Facsimile: 613-541-6908

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Note Incorrect ISBN (978-1-100-11465-3) printed on back cover.
Date c2009
Author Karen D. Davis
Binding Softcover
Dimensions 23cm x 15cm
Number of Pages 170
ISBN 978-1-100-11465-1
Catalogue Number D2-238/2-2009E
Weekly Checklist Number 10-27
Subject Terms Subject Terms: Military command