Cultural Intelligence and Leadership: D2-238/2-2009E

An Introduction for Canadian Forces Leaders

A key resource for the professional development of all military leaders as well as a valuable tool for generating dialogue and further development of multicultural and “whole government” capacity across the CF.

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Department/Agency National Defence
Title Cultural Intelligence and Leadership
Subtitle An Introduction for Canadian Forces Leaders
Publication Type Monograph
Language [English]
Other Language Editions Other Language Editions: [French]
Format Paper
Other Formats Other Formats: Electronic-[English]
Distribution Source National Defence
Canadian Defence Academy Headquarters
Canadian Forces Leadership Institute
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario, K7K 7B4
Telephone: 613-541-5010, extension. 6976
Facsimile: 613-541-6908

Note: The contact information above was provided at the time of cataloguing and may not be current.
Note Incorrect ISBN (978-1-100-11465-3) printed on back cover.
Date c2009
Author Karen D. Davis
Binding Softcover
Dimensions 23cm x 15cm
Number of Pages 170
ISBN 978-1-100-11465-1
Catalogue Number D2-238/2-2009E
Weekly Checklist Number 10-27
Subject Terms Subject Terms: Military command