Oil, water and chocolate mousse : En21-126/1994E

Chocolate mousse is a dessert to die for, but there is another kind of mousse that can kill. It is a reddish-brown, grease-like mixture of water and oil that persists for months or even years after oil spills. How do we prepare for and prevent oil spills? How do they happen? How is an oil spill cleaned up? This award-winning book helps young readers aged 12 to 15 understand, in a simple and readable way, the seriousness of environmental degradation.

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Department/Agency Canada. Environment Canada.
Title Oil, water and chocolate mousse
Publication type Monograph
Language [English]
Other language editions [French]
Format Paper
Note(s) "This booklet is not about chocolate mousse. It is about oil, water, and oil spills. Chocolate mousse is the name given to a particular combination of oil and water that sometimes forms when oil is spilled."--Verso of front cover. "This booklet explains: what happens when oil is spilled in our waterways; how we prevent oil spills, both large and small; and what Canadians can do to limit the environmental damage oil spills can cause."--Introduction. N.B.: Incorrect ISBN (0-660-125503-6) printed in this publication.
Publishing information Ottawa - Ontario : Environment Canada 1994.
Binding Softcover
Description iii, 28p. : figs. ; 28 cm.
ISBN 0-660-15503-6
Catalogue number
  • En21-126/1994E
Subject terms Pollution control
Oil spills
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