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5203 |aCanadian hunting regulations for migratory game birds are reviewed annually by Environment Canada, with input from the provinces and territories and a range of other interested stakeholders. As part of this process, the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) of Environment Canada produces three reports each year. The first report, Population Status of Migratory Game Birds in Canada (and Regulation Proposals for Overabundant Species), commonly called the November report, contains population and other biological information on migratory game birds, and thus provides the scientific basis for management. The second report, Proposals to Amend the Canadian Migratory Birds Regulations (the December report), outlines the proposed changes to the annual hunting regulations, as well as other proposed amendments to the Migratory Birds Regulations. ... The third report, Migratory Birds Regulations in Canada (the July report), summarizes the hunting regulations for the upcoming hunting season.
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