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040 |aCaOODSP|beng
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0861 |aSG3-9E-PDF
24500|aEnvironmental scan. |pQuébec region |h[electronic resource].
24613|aEnvironmental scan. |pQuebec|fFall 2013-
260 |a[Ottawa] : |bService Canada, |c[2013]-
310 |aAnnual, |b2015-
321 |aBiannual,|b2013
3621 |aBegan with March 2013.
500 |aIssued also in French under title: Analyse de l'environnement. Région du Québec.
500 |aCover title.
516 |aElectronic serial in PDF format.
520 |aThe Labour Market Analysis Division of Service Canada, Québec region, analyzes business conditions in Québec to increase its knowledge of demographic, economic, and labour market issues that affect both the province and the economic areas that compose it. The analysis focuses on current conditions and short-term and medium-term trends. The main goal of this Economic/Environmental Scan (E-scan) document is to identify the elements that may impact Service Canada’s activities in the Québec region. The analysis is an integral part of planning Service Canada’s activities.
69207|2gccst|aLabour market
7101 |aCanada. |bService Canada.
77508|tAnalyse de l'environnement. |w(CaOODSP)9.504212