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0861 |aEn40-230/1-1997E
24500|aPolychlorinated biphenyls : |bcandidate substance for management under track 1 of the Toxic Substance Management Policy.
260 |a[Ottawa] : |bEnvironment Canada, |c1997.
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4901 |aToxic Substances Management Policy
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5203 |aThe analysis presented in this report is based on the information summarized in recent reviews and in the primary scientific literature. The synopsis summarizes the findings of the assessment. A brief background on PCBs is presented in Section 2. The assessment of whether PCBs meet the criteria for management under Track 1 is in Section 3. Expert judgement was used to analyze the scientific and technical evidence available for this substance, and a conclusion was drawn using the accumulated weight of evidence to establish whether the criteria of the TSMP have been met. In releasing this report, the federal government is offering interested parties the opportunity to comment on the analysis conducted and the conclusions presented herein.--Introduction
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7760#|tPolychlorinated biphenyls |w(CaOODSP)9.838408
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