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1101 |aCanada. |bEnvironment Canada. |bOntario Region.
24510|aNOWPARC - Northern Wood Preservers Alternative Remediation Concept / |c[published jointly by] Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
260 |aDownsview - Ontario : |bEnvironment Canada. |c2005.
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500 |a"Sediment Remediation Project, Thunder Bay Harbour, Ontario, Canada".--Cover.
500 |aFor more information, please contact: Roger Santiago, Environment Canada, 4905 Dufferin Street, Downsview, ON M3H 5T4. Tel.: 416-739-5876, Fax.: 416-739-4776, Email: roger.santiago@ec.gc.ca Pat Inch, Ministry of the Environment, Northern Region, Suite 331-435 James Street South, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6S7. Tel.: 807-475-1723, Fax: 807-475-1754, Email: pat-inch@ene.gov.on.ca
5203 |aThis report presents the remediation project for Thunder Bay Harbour, which was identified in 1985 by the International Joint Commission as an Area of Concern. NOWPARC was carried out from 1997 to 2003, with post-construction monitoring. The report provides an overview of NOWPARC’s seven components: rockfill containment berm; environmental dredging; sediment treatment; contaminant isolation structures; stormwater and groundwater control and treatment; fish habitat enhancements; and environmental monitoring. It also discusses project-related public consultation and environmental assessment.
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77508|tNOWPARC - Concept alternative de restauration de la Northern Wood Preservers / |w(CaOODSP)9.682981
7760#|tNOWPARC - Northern Wood Preservers Alternative Remediation Concept |w(CaOODSP)9.649711