Peacekeeping 1815 to today : proceedings of the XXIst Colloquium of the International Commission of Military History, 20-26 August 1995, Quebec City : D63-3/2-1995

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Department/Agency Canada. Department of National Defence.
Title Peacekeeping 1815 to today : proceedings of the XXIst Colloquium of the International Commission of Military History, 20-26 August 1995, Quebec City
Publication type Monograph
Language Bilingual-[English | French]
Format Paper
Note(s) Contents: La Campana de Africa de 1859-60.--Union peacekeeping and pacification in the upper Confederate heartland, 1862-1865.--La Expedicion Espanola a Cochinchina (1858-1862).--Europaisches Mandat und Osterreichisch-Ungarische Durchfuhrung. Die Okkupation Bosniens und der Herzegowina im Jahre 1878.--Las Espediciones Militares Espanolas en las Guerras de Cuba y la Respuesta de la Sociedad Civil.--Troops of occupation, 1915-1918.--Operaciones Navales Humanitarias Argentinas en la Guerra Civil Espanola.--International efforts at sea to contain the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.--Peacekeeping in northern Adriatic after World War I: the Allied occupation of Fiume, 1918.--Swiss merchandise trains of 1919.--U.S. Navy as a peacekeeping force.--Slovakia and the Slovaks in peacekeeping actions from 1919 to 1994.--The mechanism of command and control of the joint armed forces of the Warsaw Treaty Organization Member-States.--Forget not lessons of WWII.--Soviet military personnel in creation and development of the armed forces of Poland.--Turkish participation in the Korean War.--Boundaries and priorities, Dutch policy for the deployment of military personnel beyond the national borders, 1815-1995.--The Austrian participation in peace-keeping operations in Cyprus 1964-1994.--Peacekeeping und Innere Fuhrung.--The Swedish Army on Cyprus, Swedbat and UNFICYP, 1964, 1974 and 1987.--The participation of the Polish Army in the United Nations operations after Word War II.--Peacemaking/peacekeeping southeast Asia, 1945-46.--The failure of peacekeeping: the UNEF, May 1967.--Un peacekeeping operations in the Middle East: a Jordanian perspective.--The Armistice agreement between Syria and Israel.--Proposal by Canada on a permanent UN stand-by force and finnish reaction to it.--Greece's participation in peacekeeping operations since 1950.--Peacekeeping under military occupation: the case of UNTSO and UNRWA.--Monitoring the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty, 1992-1995.--The Royal Canadian Air Force and peacekeeping.--Italian peacekeeping operations (1950-1995).--Esfuerzos Argentinos para el Mantenimiento de la Paz Durante el Siglo XX.--Brazilian peace operations.--Ireland's UN Peacekeeping Experience 1958-1995.--Canadian peacekeeping new and old.--Aspirations vs. reality: UN's agenda for peace vs US presidential decision directive 25.--Peacekeeping Enforcement: Where Do We Go From Here.--Intelligence and peacekeeping: the UN operation in the Congo 1960-64.--Sweden and the Saar, a peace-keeping operation 1934-35.--The roots of international peacekeeping in the crisis of Yugoslavia.--International relations in South America Nineteenth Century. A case study: the independence and sovereignty of Uruguay.--The nature and dynamics of peacekeeping.--The Austrian Medical Unit in the Congo, 1960-63: Austria's first participation in a UN operation. N.B.: Incorrect catalogue number (D63-3/2-1995E) printed in this publication.
Text in English, French, German or Spanish as presented
Publishing information Ottawa - Ontario : National Defence 1996.
Binding Softcover
Description 663p. : references ; 25 cm.
ISBN 0-662-62062-3
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  • D63-3/2-1995
Subject terms Peacekeeping
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