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Department/Agency Canada.Status of Women Canada. Policy Research.
Title Policy Research Fund publications (1996-2006)
Publication type Monograph
Language Bilingual-[English | French]
Format CD-ROM
Note(s) Contents: Bill C-31 Membership and Status - Unrecognized and Unstated Paternity (1 doc.) -- Canada Health and Social Transfer and its Impacts on Women (6 doc.'s) -- Changing Role of the State, Women's Paid and Unpaid Work, and Women's Vulnerability to Poverty (7 doc.'s) -- Custody and Access (2 doc.'s) -- Engendering the Human Security Agenda (1 doc.) -- Factoring Diversity into Policy Analysis and Development : New Tools, Frameworks, Methods, and Applications (4 doc.'s) -- First Nations Women, Governance, and the Indian Act (1 doc.) -- Integration of Diversity into Policy Research, Development and Analysis (5 doc.'s) -- The Intersection of Gender and Sexual Orientation : Implications of Policy Changes for Women in Lesbian Relationships (2 doc.'s) -- Polygamy (1 doc.) -- Reducing Women's Poverty : Policy Options, Directions and Frameworks (6 doc.'s) -- Restructuring in Rural Canada (2 doc.'s) -- Trade Agreements and Women (7 doc.'s) -- Trafficking in Women : The Canadian Dimension (4 doc.'s) -- Where Have all the Women Gone? Shifts in Policy Discourses (4 doc.'s) -- Women and the Canadian Human Rights Act (1 doc.) -- Women and the Canadian Tax System (2 doc.'s) -- Women's Access to Justice (4 doc.'s) -- Women's Access to Sustained Employment with Adequate Benefits : Public Policy Solutions (8 doc.'s) -- Young Women at Risk (2 doc.'s) -- Other Publications (3 doc.'s) -- Reference Documents (3 doc.'s).
Publishing information Ottawa - Ontario : Status of Women Canada. 2006.
Description 1 disc.
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  • SW21-137/2006-MRC
Subject terms Women

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