Summary data on limnology and food-web structure of Great Central, Sproat, and Henderson Lakes, B.C. (2008-2013) / K.D. Hyatt ... [et al.].: Fs97-13/1262E

"Three nursery lakes (Great Central, Sproat, Henderson) on the west coast of Vancouver Island support a valuable mixed stock fishery for sockeye salmon in Barkley Sound. Given their geographic proximity, the lakes exhibit similar geology, climatology, hydrology, and nutrient dynamics that support a common classification as highly unproductive, oligotrophic, nursery lakes typical of the British Columbia outer coast. All three lakes have long histories as subjects of intentional manipulations, including: introductions of hatchery-origin sockeye salmon fry (Henderson Lake 1910-1935 and 1994-2008), lake fertilization (at Great Central Lake 1970-1972, 1977-present; Henderson Lake 1976-1997, 1999, 2007; Sproat Lake 1985) and variable recruitment of sockeye fry associated with fluctuations in both adult returns and fisheries management objectives (all lakes). Observations of results of manipulations have served to identify some now obvious limitations (e.g. lake size, inorganic nutrient concentration, fry recruitment variations) on sockeye fry utilization of lake capacity to achieve maximum smolt production. However, large differences in this key performance parameter persist between lakes even after the above limitations are taken into account. Research conducted elsewhere suggests that subtle differences in climatology, seasonal nutrient flux and food-web structure between lakes may induce large, persistent differences in their capacity to produce juvenile sockeye. The current report documents detailed methods and data sets associated with several years of work (2008-2013) designed to compare various elements of the physical structure, nutrient status and food-web structure of the Barkley Sound sockeye nursery lakes. Data summarized here will be the subject of further analysis to improve our knowledge of the exact magnitude and sources of between-lake differences in carrying capacity for juvenile sockeye"--Abstract.

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Department/Agency Canada. Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Title Summary data on limnology and food-web structure of Great Central, Sproat, and Henderson Lakes, B.C. (2008-2013) / K.D. Hyatt ... [et al.].
Series title Canadian data report of fisheries and aquatic sciences, 0706-6465 ; 1262
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Publishing information Nanaimo, BC : Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2016.
Author / Contributor Hyatt, K. D.(Kim Dennis),1947-
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  • Fs97-13/1262E
Subject terms Freshwater fish, Fisheries resources

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