Stock status update of Atlantic halibut on the Scotian Shelf and southern Grand Banks (NAFO divs. 3NOPs4VWX5Zc) .: Fs70-7/2016-010E-PDF

The 3NOPs4VWX5Zc Atlantic Halibut stock has a history of overfishing that predates the time series used in the stock assessment model (i.e. prior to 1970). The assessment model indicates that the stock has increased from the depleted state observed in the early 1990s. The updated 4VWX RV survey and the 3NOPs4VWX5Zc industry-DFO Halibut Survey indices show that abundance of both pre-recruits and recruits continues to be high. The 2015 4VWX RV index remains above the long-term mean and suggests that the fishery will continue to benefit from high recruitment in the next couple of years. Further, F estimated from the multi-year mark-recapture model has been declining. As forecast by the operating model, the index of legal-sized (greater than 81 cm) halibut biomass continues to increase, with 2015 being the highest in the 18-year time series. The 3-year mean (2013-2015) of the exploitable biomass (Blegal=24,306 mt) has increased from last year (2012-2014 Blegal=20,960 mt). A TAC of 3,149 mt in 2016 is consistent with the Harvest Strategy adopted by the SFGAC.

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Department/Agency Canada. Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat.
Title Stock status update of Atlantic halibut on the Scotian Shelf and southern Grand Banks (NAFO divs. 3NOPs4VWX5Zc) .
Variant title Science response : stock status update of Atlantic halibut
Series title Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat - science response, 1919-3769 ; 2016/010, Maritimes Region
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Note(s) Issued also in French under title: Mise à jour de l'état du stock de flétan de l'Atlantique du plateau néo-écossais et du sud des Grands Bancs (divisions 3NOPs4VWX5Zc de l'Organisation des pêches de l'Atlantique Nord-Ouest [ÔPANO]).
"March 2016."
Includes bibliographical references (p. 7).
Publishing information [Ottawa] : Fisheries and Oceans Canada, c2016.
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  • Fs70-7/2016-010E-PDF
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