Apparent per capita domestic disappearance of food in Canada / Dominion Bureau of Statistics, ...: CS32-226-PDF

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Department/Agency Canada. Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Agriculture Division.
Statistics Canada. Agriculture Division.
Statistics Canada. Crops Section.
Canada. Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
Title Apparent per capita domestic disappearance of food in Canada / Dominion Bureau of Statistics, ...
Variant title Disparition intérieure apparente des aliments par personne au Canada 1972-1976
Publication type Series
Language Bilingual-[English | French]
Continues Per capita supplies of food moving into consumption in Canada ; Began with 1935/1950; ceased with 1953.
Continued by Apparent per capita food consumption in Canada ; 1977-1978.
Format Electronic
Note(s) "Special statement."
Digitized edition from print [produced by Statistics Canada].
Text in English only, 1954-1971; text in English and French, 1972-1976.
Issues for 1962-1970 published by Agriculture Division; 1971 by Statistics Canada, Agriculture Division; 1972-1976 by Crops Section.
Publishing information Ottawa : The Bureau, 1955-1978.
Chronology 1954-1976.
Frequency Annual
Catalogue number
  • CS32-226-PDF
Subject terms Nutrition
Agri-food industry
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