Depository Services Program Advisory Committee


The Depository Services Program Library Advisory Committee (DSP-LAC) was established in 1981. It was created to provide the DSP with advice on its operations, policies, practices, plans, direction and services. In 2014, The Committee revised its Terms of Reference, including a revision of the Committee's name to the Depository Services Program Advisory Committee (DSP-AC), to reflect the changes to the program and to ensure stakeholders still have the opportunity to provide input and advice to the DSP.

The DSP-AC meets at least once a year, and may meet using video, teleconference and electronic means.

Its members represent the major Canadian library associations, key federal government organizations, and Canadian academic, college and public libraries. The membership is also representative of Canada's geographic regions and linguistic communities.

The terms of reference and the meeting minutes of the DSP-AC are archived here for your reference.

If you would like to become a member of the DSP-AC, please send an email to

Terms of reference

Meeting/Teleconference minutes