What is INFODEP?

INFODEP is a mailing list maintained by the Depository Services Program (DSP) that provides a communication channel between the DSP and the library community.

Subject domain:

  • Government of Canada publications, their production, content, distribution and availability;
  • the services and operations of the DSP;
  • announcements from Government of Canada organizations concerning their publications;
  • cross-postings from list servers concerning issues related to government publications;
  • other topics deemed appropriate, of interest or useful to the library community by the List Administrator.

Terms of Use

  • The DSP encourages and supports the use of both official languages on INFODEP.
  • Announcements and original postings by the DSP and other Government of Canada organizations will be in both official languages, with French text preceding English in the case of postings by the DSP.
  • Responses by the DSP will be in the language of the posting unless the response requires a substantive statement on the DSP operations or policies.
  • INFODEP requires the intervention of the List Administrator before messages are distributed to subscribers.
  • The List Administrator will not post messages unrelated to the subject domain or containing attachments. Messages from unauthorized users or messages that contain abusive, offensive or inappropriate language will not be considered.

How to subscribe to INFODEP

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How to unsubscribe from INFODEP

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How to post messages to INFODEP

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Hi, this is my first posting to INFODEP…

Need help?

If you have questions or technical difficulties related to the INFODEP mailing list, or if you require access to archived content, Contact the INFODEP List Administrator.

Privacy Notice Statement

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