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13-13 (March 28, 2013)

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Table of Contents

Parliamentary Publications



Senate and House of Commons

House of Commons


Library of Parliament

Departmental Publications

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

International Markets Bureau

Pest Management Centre

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Bank of Canada

Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board

Canada Industrial Relations Board

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Canadian Grain Commission

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health

Canadian Transportation Agency

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Environment Canada

Canadian Wildlife Service

Science and Technology Branch

Finance Canada

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Canadian Coast Guard

  • Echo: for Catalogue Number Fs152-3 the national newsletter of the Canadian Coast Guard. Published by Integrated Business Management. Ottawa. 28cm. Softcover. Bilingual.
    Summer 2010. English text, 12p. Photographs.
    Catalogue Number Fs152-3/2010-1
  • Echo: for Catalogue Number Fs152-3 the national newsletter of the Canadian Coast Guard. Published by Integrated Business Management. Ottawa. 28cm. Softcover. Bilingual.
    Winter 2010. English text, 12p. Photographs.
    Catalogue Number Fs152-3/2010-2

Quebec Region

Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Consular Services

Health Canada

First Nations and Inuit Health Branch

Health Products and Food Branch

Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Industry Canada

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Justice Canada

National Defence

National Energy Board

Natural Resources Canada

  • Salish Sea touring map. for Catalogue Number M4-95/1-2010 Ottawa, c2010. 1 folded sheet. Coloured maps, photographs. 23cm. Pamphlet. Bilingual. Accompanying material: Salish Sea GeoTour. Map.
    Free. (Distributed with M4-95/2-2010E).
    ISBN 978-0-660-66109-4
    Catalogue Number M4-95/1-2010
  • Salish Sea GeoTour: for Catalogue Number M4-95/2-2010E geology on, under and around the Salish Sea of British Columbia, written by Kiri Westnedge and designed by Avril Goodall. Victoria, British Columbia, c2011. [124]p. Coloured maps, photographs. 24cm. Softcover. Accompanying material: "Salish Sea Touring Map".
    Incorrect catalogue number (M4-95/2-2011E) printed in this publication.
    $27.95 per copy.
    ISBN 978-0-660-20006-4
    Catalogue Number M4-95/2-2010E
  • GéoTour - mer des Salish: pour Numéro de catalogue M4-95/2-2010F géologie de la mer des Salish, en Colombie-Britannique - sur terre, sous l'eau et tout autour, rédigé par Kiri Westnedge et conçu par Avril Goodall. Victoria (Colombie Britannique), c2011. [124]p. Cartes en couleur, photographies. 24cm. Couverture souple. Matériel d'accompagnement: « Carte touristique de la mer des Salish ».
    27,95 $ l'exemplaire.
    ISBN 978-0-660-97401-9
    Numéro de catalogue M4-95/2-2010F

Minerals and Metals Sector

Office of Energy Efficiency

Parks Canada

Public Health Agency of Canada

Public Safety Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Publishing and Depository Services Program

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Statistics Canada Publications

Statistics Canada



Periodic Releases