NWT plain talk on land and self-government : R12-11E

The purpose is to keep you informed on the progress of land and self-government negotiations in the Northwest Territories, and to provide some answers to frequently asked questions. It also features the people and communities involved in negotiations, celebration of milestones, and announcements of upcoming events.

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Ministère/Organisme Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.
Titre NWT plain talk on land and self-government
Type de publication Série
Langue [Anglais]
Autres langues publiées [Français]
Format Papier
Autres formats offerts Électronique-[Anglais]
Note Published by Indian and North Affairs until Winter 2011.
Chronologie Apr. 2000--
Périodicité Irregular
Reliure Newspaper
ISSN 1708-0002
Numéro de catalogue
  • R12-11E
Descripteurs Aboriginal government, Aboriginal lands, Land claims
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