Interface Canada. Student's Book 1 : SC84-2/5555-2001E

INTERFACE CANADA is a series for adults studying English as a second language. The series, which covers the beginning to upper-intermediate levels, provides a functional-notional syllabus as well as a structural syllabus. The material is designed primarily to develop speaking and listening skills, with a special emphasis on language used in the office. The INTERFACE CANADA series consists of student books 1 to 8, teacher books 1 to 8, and Role Playing for Consolidation – student and teacher books. Each book provides approximately fifty hours of classroom instruction.

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Ministère/Organisme Commission de la Fonction publique
Nom de la direction générale Formation linguistique Canada
Titre Interface Canada. Student's Book 1
Type de publication Monographie
Langue [Anglais]
Format Papier
Autres formats offerts Autres formats offerts : Électronique-[Anglais]
Note Previously issued under catalogue number SC84-2/5500-2001E.
Date 2003
Auteurs Wilf Mariner, Susan Reid
Reliure Reliure à spirale
Dimensions 28cm x 23cm
Nombre des pages 160
ISBN 0-660-18254-8
Numéro de catalogue SC84-2/5555-2001E
Numéro de la Liste hebdomadaire 03-51
Édition Rev. ed.
Descripteurs Descripteurs : Students, Educational resources, Language training