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0861 |aCW69-1E-PDF
0861 |aCW69-1-PDF
1300 |aOccasional paper (Canadian Wildlife Service)
24510|aOccasional paper |h[electronic resource] / |cCanadian Wildlife Service.
24633|aOccasional papers
260 |a[Ottawa] : |bCanadian Wildlife Service, |c1957-
310 |aIrregular
3621 |aBegan with no. 1 (1957).
516 |aElectronic serial in PDF format.
5203 |aReports the peer-reviewed results of original research carried out by members of the Canadian Wildlife Service or supported by the Service. Included in the series are monitoring studies of Canadian species, natural histories, status reports on human hunting activities, habitat research, and the effects of human activities and environmental toxins on wildlife.
546 |aSome issues in English only, some in English and French.
69007|aScientific research|2gcpds
7102 |aCanadian Wildlife Service.
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7760#|tOccasional paper - Canadian Wildlife Service |w(CaOODSP)9.514489