Exotic forest insect guidebook / : A104-23/2006E

This book is designed for public and private sector Canadians who work in the areas of tree health and arboriculture. This book focuses more on insect descriptions, host tree preferences, damage symptoms and geographic distribution rather than insect biology in order to increase the probability of finding exotic pests during tree health assessments. A key issue in the eradication of quarantine insects is discovering and identifying populations while they are still at low and controllable levels. Hopefully this book will serve as an early detection tool.

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Ministère/Organisme Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
Titre Exotic forest insect guidebook /
Type de publication Monographie
Langue [Anglais]
Autres langues publiées [Français]
Format Papier
Autres formats offerts Électronique-[Anglais], Cédérom-[Anglais | Français]
Date 2006, ©2004.
  • Kimoto, Troy
  • Duthie-Holt, Marnie
Reliure Spiral binding
Nombre des pages iv, 120p. :
Dimensions 21 cm.
ISBN 0-662-43977-5
Numéro de catalogue
  • A104-23/2006E
Numéro de catalogue du ministère CFIA No.: P0351-04/06E
Descripteurs Insects