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0861 |aEn88-4/2011E-PDF
1101 |aCanada. |bEnvironment Canada.
24510|aAir Quality Health Index Learning Stations : |h[electronic resource]|bsix learning stations to address literacy, reflection, and problem-solving with awareness of the Air Quality Health Index / |cPublished by Health and Air Quality Forecast Services.
2461 |aAQHI Learning Stations: grades five & six
260 |aOttawa - Ontario : |bEnvironment Canada |cc2011.
300 |a58p.|bfigs., references, tables, photographs
500 |a"Air Quality Health Index Learning Stations : Grades 5 and 6"
5203 |aEducators can choose from six 30-minute learning centres for their grade 5 or 6 students, building skills in literacy, communication, reflection, and problem-solving. Developed directly from provincial and territorial curriculum documents, topics include: ways to prepare for and predict various weather and/or air quality conditions, how media, peers and family affect decisions, outdoor safety, and environmental health issues.
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77508|tStations d'apprentissage de la cote air santé : |w(CaOODSP)9.638545
7760#|tAir Quality Health Index Learning Stations |w(CaOODSP)9.652243
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