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24500|aResults of a traditional ecological knowledge study on Arctic char in Qikiqtarjuaq (Nunavut) fishing areas |h[electronic resource] / |cby M.Y. Janjua … [et al.].
260 |a[Ottawa] : |bFisheries and Oceans Canada, |cc2016.
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4901 |aCanadian manuscript report of fisheries and aquatic sciences, |x1488-5387 ; |v3090
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 5).
516 |aElectronic monograph in PDF format.
5203 |aQikiqtarjuaq, an island community on Broughton Island across from the northeast shore of Baffin Island, Nunavut, traditionally harvests Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) from adjacent lake and river systems. A traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) study was conducted in 2014 to consult community fishers and collect knowledge about the Arctic char harvested from those fishing areas with emphasis on changes that have occurred since the last TEK study conducted in 1995/1997. Information was collected from ten fishers who filled out a survey and then were interviewed. This will serve as basic information for proposing and designing scientific research work. Generally the respondents indicated that the present fishing areas are too small for the increasing number of fishers and that the Arctic char commercial quotas should be increased and new fishing areas opened. The respondents also indicated a need for separate quotas for waterbodies rather than for areas. The fishers would like Qikiqtarjuaq fishing areas to be added to DFO research plans and they wanted to be included in future Arctic char research projects.
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7001 |aJanjua, M. Y.
7101 |aCanada. |bDepartment of Fisheries and Oceans.
830#0|aCanadian manuscript report of fisheries and aquatic sciences,|x1488-5387 ; |v3090|w(CaOODSP)9.505211
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