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0861 |aA104-36/21-2017E-PDF
24500|aEuropean cherry fruit fly |h[electronic resource].
24613|aEuropean cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi)
260 |a[Ottawa] : |bCanadian Food Inspection Agency, |cc2017.
300 |a[2] p. (un-numbered pages) : |bcol. ill.
500 |aIssued also in French under title: Mouche européenne des cerises.
500 |aCaption title.
516 |aElectronic monograph in PDF format.
520 |a"The European cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi L.) is the most serious pest of cherries in Europe. Damage associated with this pest is caused by larval feeding in the fruit pulp, which can result in losses of up to 100% if left uncontrolled. This pest may be introduced to new areas with fresh cherries or with soil or fruit from host plants grown in areas where this pest occurs. The presence of this pest in Canada was confirmed for the first time in June 2016 in an urban park located in Mississauga, Ontario. This is the first record of this fly in North America"--Provided by publisher.
530 |aIssued also in print format.
69207|2gccst|aInvasive species
7101 |aCanada.|bCanadian Food Inspection Agency.
77508|tMouche européenne des cerises |w(CaOODSP)9.836757
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