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2001 Census Consultation


The 2001 Census Dissemination Consultation Guide was developed to help librarians and other data users contribute their ideas and suggestions to Statistics Canada regarding the 2001 Census products and services line. Please note that this document covers many aspects of census dissemination. Feel free to focus on sections of particular interest to you. In addition, other census dissemination related issues that you would like to discuss may also be addressed in this consultation process.

Statistics Canada will consider all comments and suggestions received. Due to financial constraints, trade-offs may become necessary between new and existing features or components of the products and services line.

The existing line will also be re-evaluated in light of the limited demand for some of the features and components. It is therefore essential that you not only provide your data requirements but also prioritize them with the underlying rationale.

Please send your comments or recommendations before September 30th.
Written feedback should be sent to the following address:

Marie Desnoyers
2001 Census Marketing Manager
Statistics Canada
9-A, R.H. Coats Building
Tunney’s Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0T6

Tel: (613) 951-5339
Fax: (613) 951-1134

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2001 Census Dissemination Consultation Guide
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