Statistics Canada - Statistique Canada

National income and expenditure accounts, quarterly estimates


This publication presents information about Canada's National Economic and Financial Accounts (NEFA). These accounts portray the evolution of the Canadian economy on a quarterly basis. They record the components of income and expenditure, saving and investment, and borrowing and lending of each of four broad sectors of the economy: (i) persons and unincorporated businesses, (ii) corporate and government business enterprises, (iii) government and (iv) non-residents. Some information is also provided for sub-sectors of the second and third sectors. The sum of the final (non-transfer) income or the final (non-intermediate) expenditure of all domestic sectors equals gross domestic product at market prices, the market value of total production in Canada.

The publication begins with an overview article, reviewing and analyzing economic developments in the most recent quarter. Some issues also contain a second, more technical article explaining national accounts methodology or analyzing a particular aspect of the economy. It also includes a glossary.

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Third Quarter 2008 (PDF - 2226K)
Second Quarter 2008 (PDF - 707K)
First Quarter 2008 (PDF - 769K)
Fourth Quarter 2007 (PDF - 2580K)
Third Quarter 2007 (PDF - 2575K)
Second Quarter 2007 (PDF - 2561K)
First Quarter 2007 (PDF - 2405K)
Fourth Quarter 2006 (PDF - 2640K)
Third Quarter 2006 (PDF - 2322K)
Second Quarter 2006 (PDF - 736K)
First Quarter 2006 (PDF - 699K)
Fourth Quarter 2005 (PDF - 959K)
Third Quarter 2005 (PDF - 859K)
Second Quarter 2005 (PDF - 688K)
First Quarter 2005 (PDF - 816K)
Fourth Quarter 2004 (PDF - 697K)
Third Quarter 2004 (PDF - 760K)
Second Quarter 2004 (PDF - 844K)
First Quarter 2004 (PDF - 883K)
Fourth Quarter 2003 (PDF - 796K)
Third Quarter 2003 (PDF - 796K)
Second Quarter 2003 (PDF - 814K)
First Quarter 2003 (PDF - 1,354K)
Fourth Quarter 2002 (PDF - 1,348K)
Third Quarter 2002 (PDF - 659K)
Second Quarter 2002 (PDF - 683K)
First Quarter 2002 (PDF - 938K)
Fourth Quarter 2001 (PDF - 631K)
Third Quarter 2001 (PDF - 623K)
Second Quarter 2001 (PDF - 559K)
First Quarter 2001 (PDF - 731K)
Fourth Quarter 2000 (PDF - 560K)
Third Quarter 2000 (PDF - 560K)