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Earnings of men and women


This publication presents detailed tabulations on annual employment earnings of men and women from data collected by the Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF), an annual supplement to the monthly Labour Force Survey (LFS). The report, one in a series of annual reports from the SCF, enables users to contrast and compare the earnings status of men and women, with tables presenting statistics by sex for two major subgroups of earners: those that worked at a full-time job year-round (where "year-round" is defined as forty-nine or more weeks of the year), and all other workers (ie., those that worked at a part-time job from one to fifty-two weeks, combined with those that worked full-time for less than forty-nine weeks). High-profile statistics contained in this report include such measures as the average annual earnings of men and women, and the female-to-male earnings ratio.

Both current year and historical tables are included in the report. Current year statistics are presented in a set of cross-sectional tables which display, by sex, percent distribution figures by size of earnings (twelve earnings groups, ranging from "less than $5,000" to "$60,000 and over") along with average and median earnings, average total income (from all sources), estimated numbers of earners and standard errors of the average earnings. Since SCF is a supplement to the LFS, these tables are tabulated separately by a variety of demographic and labour characteristics, including province, age, occupation (20 major groups), level of educational attainment, marital status, family type and relationship within the family, and length of tenure at the present job. Additional current year tables, containing estimates of average earnings alone, display cross-classifications of education by age, marital status by age, and marital status by education.

Historical tables in the report present numbers of earners and percent distributions, average earnings and median earnings for the period 1980 to current year. (One historical table includes select statistics from 1967, the first year data were collected.) These tables allow users to track trends in the numbers and the changing proportions of full-year, full-time earners versus other earners among women and men, along with trends in their average and median earnings. Both current dollar and constant dollar data are displayed in historical tabulations.

This report, along with the other reports from the SCF, provides users with a detailed annual profile of the earnings and income status of Canadian individuals and families. Other reports include Income distributions by size in Canada (cat. no. 13-207-XPB); Income after tax, distributions by size in Canada (cat. no.13-208-XPB); Family incomes, census families (cat. no. 13-208-XIB); Characteristics of dual-earner families (cat. no. 13-215-XIB); and Low income persons (cat. no.13-569-XIB).

Commencing with 1998, the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) will produce the annual cross-sectional income estimates, in addition to producing longitudinal labour and income data. Integration of the cross-sectional and longitudinal income statistics programs will promote consistency amoung income estimates.

Prior to 1997 this publication was only available on paper. The 1997 version of this publication is only available as an internet product.

Prior to 1984, two occasional reports were produced, for selected years 1967 to 1971 and 1981 and 1982. Catalogue no. 13-217-XIB continues 13-577-XPB (1967 - 1982) Earnings of men and women.

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