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Human activity and the environment: annual statistics


Human activity and the environment: annual statistics 2002 is the first annual update of the more extensive quinquennial, environment statistics compendium, Human activity and the environment (catalogue no. 11-509 XPE). The larger compendium provides extensive data, analysis and interpretation on population, economic activities, the environment and the issues linking these key elements. This annual report provides updates for a number of tables published in the larger edition, offering a current statistical picture of Canada's environment with special emphasis on human activity and its relationship to natural systems - air, water, soil, plants and animals.

This annual publication also includes a feature article on a current, environmental topic of concern to Canadians' air quality. Future editions of the annual Human activity and the environment report will examine new environmental issues and provide additional updated data. Table highlights provide simple analysis and interpretation, which support the statistics and help readers make sense of these complex interactions.

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