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Fruit and vegetable production


This semi-annual publication provides an overview of the Canadian fruit and vegetable production sector. Annual estimates of area, commercial production and value of major tree fruit, berries and grapes are available. Annual estimates of area, production and value of the major commercially grown vegetables are also published. For the mushroom growing industry, estimates of area, production, sales, investments and labour costs and employment are available once yearly. Statistics on the tobacco growing sector are collected once annually and published.

The first issue for the crop year will appear in June and will present the cultivated areas from the Fruit and Vegetable Area Survey conducted in May. The second will appear in February and include area, production, and value data for the crop year.

Over the course of the growing season, the table of contents reflects both value and production of various fruit and vegetable crops as they are harvested while maintaining a consistent presentation of tree fruits, grapes and berries and apple production statistics.


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