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Corporations Returns Act (CRA)


This report draws a national profile of foreign control in the Canadian corporate economy. Included are a series of charts, text tables and tables providing: time series on financial characteristics by control, classified by 22 major industry groups for selected financial variables; and an analysis on control. The statistics of the Corporations Returns Act are now presented on the basis of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS Canada 1997) that differs markedly from the 1980 Standard Industrial Classification for Companies and Enterprises (SIC-C) used until 1998. In addition, methodological changes, including the adoption of Statistics Canada's central frame Business Register, have been implemented. While these changes will improve the quality and reliability of the statistics, they will nonetheless affect the user's ability to relate and compare the data to those produced on the SIC-C basis. For more information on these series changes, users are advised you to refer to our Concepts and Methods document. The previous SIC-C based series has been terminated as of 1998. Previous title: Parliamentary report of the Minister of Industry under the Corporations and Labour Unions Return Act. Part 1, Corporations, preliminary, Foreign control in the Canadian economy.

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