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Capital expenditures by type of asset


This online publication provides detailed capital expenditures by type of asset on both construction and machinery and equipment made by private and public organizations in Canada. For each province and territory and for the 19 divisions of the Canadian economy, it details capital expenditures according to four types of residential construction, 95 types of non-residential construction, and 56 categories of machinery and equipment. Included are data on capital expenditures for major renovation and alteration of construction assets as well as for major retrofit and refurbishing of machinery and equipment assets. Trade and general construction contractors, suppliers of construction materials, and suppliers of machinery and equipment will find these data useful for market analysis.

This publication replaces the discontinued Construction in Canada (catalogue no. 64-201-XPB) and the uncatalogued Capital expenditures on machinery and equipment by type of asset.

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1997 (PDF - 452K) Amended (1999/11/12)
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