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Homeowner repair and renovation expenditure


The publication Homeowner repair and renovation expenditure presents information about homeowner spending on repairs and maintenance, renovations, additions, and the replacement or installation of household equipment, fixtures or built-in appliances. pubt>Repairs and maintenance covers everything from outdoor patios to electrical systems. Additions includes garages, in-ground pools and fences as well as extensions of the dwelling. Equipment replaced or newly installed includes plumbing fixtures, flooring, and built-in appliances. Data are presented separately for work contracted out and materials purchased separately.

In addition to an historical table presenting data back to 1987 (the first year the survey was conducted), the publication tables present data by province, size of area of residence (urban/rural), household income group and expenditure level, type of dwelling, period of construction, age of reference person, and year the reference person moved to the dwelling.

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