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Family food expenditure in Canada


The Family food expenditure in Canada publication provides detailed and summary information on food expenditure by household. Food items purchased from stores and meals bought from restaurants are presented separately. Summary food items purchased from stores include: fresh and frozen meat and poultry; fish; dairy products - milk, cheese; eggs; bakery and cereal products - bread, cookies, cakes; pasta products; breakfast cereal; fresh fruit; other prepared fruit; fresh vegetables; other prepared vegetables; condiments; sugar; coffee and tea; fats and oils; other prepared foods - soups, potato chips; and non-alcoholic beverages. Also, total food purchased from stores is shown by type of store - supermarkets, food specialty stores, convenience stores and other stores. Meals purchased from restaurants are presented as follows: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and between-meals food. Food expenditures are profiled by size and type of household and other household characteristics. Discussions of food purchasing patterns over the years, who goes grocery shopping, who eats out and who buys diary products are included. Information about household income is presented by income group and income quintile.

Summary and detailed information for the provinces (excluding the North West Territories and the Yukon Territory), selected metropolitan areas (including Whitehorse and Yellowknife) and size of area of residence is presented. Detailed expenditure information and cross-classified tables for all levels of geography are available upon request.

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