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Canada's international transactions in services


This comprehensive source on annual international service transactions contains aggregate data from 1969 and detailed data for the most recent years. Major categories are travel, freight and shipping, business services, government transactions and miscellaneous services. Business services are categorized by geographical area (United States, European Union (EU) and all other countries), industry, country of control (Canada, United States, other) and whether or not the service was with foreign affiliated companies.

New with the 1988-1989 issue are estimated breakdowns for over 20 additional countries and country groups. Various issues through 1990-91 contain aggregate or more detailed breakdowns for business services by province. The publication includes several pages of data analysis accompanied by graphics, definitions and data quality measures. Statistics are derived from surveys, administrative data and other sources.

The dollar value of transactions (receipts, payments and balances)are shown by category, area, country and industry are by single year in each issue.

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