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Adult correctional services in Canada, data tables


This publication provides timely information pertaining to services provided by governmental agencies responsible for adult corrections in each of the provincial, territorial and federal sectors. While summary descriptive information is included, the main focus of the report is statistical data on caseload characteristics (e.g. number of admissions to correctional facilities, age and sex of offenders, offences for which the offenders is admitted to a correctional facility, sentence length, time served, etc.) and resource expenditures relating to both custodial and community supervision services. The data presented in the report cover five fiscal years with each release.

This publication continues catalogue no. 85-207-XPB. In 1998 85-211-XPB became unilingual. See catalogue number 85-211-XPE. Continues the print publication with the same title (first issue date: 1981) commencing with the 1997 issue.

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