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Child and spousal support: Maintenance Enforcement Survey statistics


The Maintenance Enforcement Survey collects statistical and descriptive information on child and spousal support payments. The information is collected from Maintenance Enforcement Programs (MEPs). These programs, which exist in each province and territory, provide administrative assistance to recipients to help them collect their support payments. According to one estimate, the MEPs enforce between 40 and 50% of support orders and agreements in Canada. The survey gathers information on the following: the number of cases in the MEPs; the sex and median age of payers and recipients; typical support amounts; compliance rates; information on arrears, frequency and amount of payments; legislation under which the order for support was made; and the types of actions initiated in order to enforce support. The Maintenance Enforcement Survey has not yet been fully implemented. This introductory report contains data from Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. In future years, with more provinces able to report to the survey, a more complete national picture of maintenance enforcement will emerge.

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