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Civil Courts Study report


This publication contains the results of four Special Studies conducted in Canadian civil courts by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics. It is divided into four chapters and includes a brief literature review (Canada and the United States) in the Introduction. The four studies include: an analysis of Ottawa court data resulting from a manual data collection survey designed and undertaken by the CCJS; and an analysis of three extracts from existing civil databases in Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Included in the analysis are: the volume of cases initiated, the volume of different types of cases, the frequency of case outcomes where a disposition is indicated, the number of case events for a variety of civil event types, the elapsed times between various stages of case processing, and other information to profile the basic characteristics of civil cases. Additional information addresses civil case processing issues such as the proportion of trials and the size of the dormant caseload managed by the court. A full set of data tables for each chapter is included in the Appendices. Also included are brief descriptions of the methodology for each of these studies.

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