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The use of custodial remand in Canada


The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics has prepared a report on the use of custodial remand in Canada. Custodial Remand refers to persons who have been charged with an offence and ordered by the court to custody while awaiting a further court appearance. This report uses data from the Adult Correctional Services Survey (ACS) to assess the trends in remand admissions, sentence lengths, and average daily counts of remand inmates in provincial/territorial correctional facilities between 1988-89 and 1997-98. Characteristics of remand inmates (e.g., age, gender, marital status, level of education, employment), offences and criminal history were studied using data from the One-day snapshot report (a census of inmates on-register in adult correctional facilities on midnight Saturday October 5th 1996 - catalogue no. 85-601-XIE). Characteristics and offences of youth on remand in 1997-98 were also examined using data from the Youth Custody and Community Services Survey (YCCS). Trends in the average counts of youth on remand between 1988-89 and 1997-98 are presented using data from the Corrections key indicator report( catalogue no. 85-222-XIE). Appendices include graphs of admissions and average daily counts for each province and territory.

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