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Aboriginal People Survey


The Aboriginal Peoples Survey is a national survey of Aboriginal peoples (First Nations people living off-reserve, Métis and Inuit) living in urban, rural and northern locations throughout Canada. The survey provides valuable data on the social and economic conditions of Aboriginal children and youth (6-14 years) and Aboriginal people (15 years and over). It was conducted previously in 1991 and in 2001. The survey was designed and implemented in partnership with national Aboriginal organizations. The purpose of the Aboriginal Peoples Survey was to provide data on the social and economic conditions of Aboriginal people in Canada. More specifically, its purpose was to identify the needs of Aboriginal people and focus on issues such as health, language, employment, income, schooling, housing, and mobility. More detailed information about the survey is available in the APS 2006 Concepts and Methods Guide.

Inuit in Canada: Findings from the Aboriginal Peoples Survey - Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic (HTML version)

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