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Annual demographic statistics


These estimates are based on the 1991 Census results, and the Agency's estimates of the number of people not counted by the Census. In addition, they now include non-permanent residents. This publication contains the following data: estimates of the number of census families for Canada, the provinces, and territories, by type of family (husband-wife, lone-parent), size of family, age and sex of parents, and age of children as of July 1; postcensal estimates of the population for Canada, the provinces and territories, by age, sex and marital status, as of July 1, as well as statistics by age and sex for deaths, immigration, emigration, interprovincial migration, the non-permanent resident population and returning Canadians; and postcensal estimates of the population for census divisions and census metropolitan areas in Canada, by the regression-nested and component methods. In addition, this publication contains population projections for the coming five years, highlights of the current demographic trends, and statistics for major demographic indicators such as fertility, mortality, nuptiality, and divorce. A brief description of the methods used to produce the estimates is also included. It contains historical annual total population estimates as of July 1, 1971-1991.

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