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Population and family estimation methods at Statistics Canada


This manual provides detailed descriptions of the data sources and methods used by Statistics Canada to estimate population. They comprise post-censal and intercensal population estimates; base population; births and deaths; immigration; emigration; non-permanent residents; interprovincial migration; subprovincial estimates of population; population estimates by age, sex and marital status; and census family estimates. The manual also describes products and services available in the area of population estimates, and gives insight into major research and development projects. Data quality evaluations of all estimates are presented. A glossary of principal terms is contained at the end of the manual, followed by the standard notation used.

Until now, literature on the methodological changes for estimates calculations has always been spread throughout various Statistics Canada publications and background papers. Now, this manual provides users of demographic statistics with a comprehensive compilation of the current procedures used by Statistics Canada to prepare population and family estimates.

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