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This series contains short analytical articles providing statistical insights on emerging issues in the economy such as productivity, innovation and technology use. These articles briefly describe the issues and the results examined by these research papers.

The articles describe issues on a wide range of topics, including
- the amount of dynamic competition taking place as a result of the entry of new firms and the exit of closed firms;
- the amount of merger activity taking place;
- the difference between multinational and domestic firms;
- the productivity growth in Canada;
- the changes in the geographic location of industry;
- the problems in small-firm financing;
- the changing industrial structure of different regions;
- how the economy interacts with the environment;
- the changes in trade patterns;
- Canada/United States price differences;
- the innovation process in Canada;
- the differences between small and large producers;
- the changing patterns of advanced technology use and its effect on firm performance;
- the type of strategies that differentiate more-successful from less-successful firms.


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